So who are you guys, anyway?

Oh no. Time to update the bio. I guess most of it still applies except we are both a couple of years older yet none the wiser.

I am Paul, aka JudasBoogie.

I'm 28 years old and I've been gaming for 20 of them. I love adventure games, platformers and action-RPGs but I'm not one for FPSs. The tragedy of being a grown-up has forced me to do a lot of my gaming on the move so I'm looking forward to this 25 hour marathon (plus it's way less effort than running for charity) and I'm even more excited about showing that weakling James who the real gamer is!

I'm James, aka JimJimJimDammit, aka Jim, aka Jimmy, aka Jamesypop.
I have also just turned 28 and rather then confront the reality of my dwindling years have let myself be talked into spending yet more time on video games. Naturally for the humour to work I have an opposing yet complimentary personality to Paul. Since he's the sexy one I'm the funny one, or the dumb one. I'm not really sure of our relationship since he keeps screening my calls at two in the morning. 
I'm a fan of adventure games, the odd puzzler, shooting and the odd indie darling as that shows I buck the trend of mainstream gaming.

So that's who we are. Who are you, and more importantly, can we have some of your money?!

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