Monday, 20 May 2013

Batman: Arkham Origins.

Today brought a deluge of new info on the next game in the 'Arkham' series (after Asylum and City) and I'm going to collect it all here, mainly because it wouldn't fit in a tweet!

There was a full length trailer:

Six new screenshots, including one that certainly answers one of my questions about the game:

aaaaaand, this interesting morsel:

Still a little bit apprehensive since the game isn't being developed by Rocksteady, the team resposible for the first two games but hey, hopefully it is in safe hands. The confirmation of Kevin Conroy to voice ol' Bats and Ron Perlman as Deathstroke makes me happy, anyway.

Until next time...

We're Back!

Hey, just a heads up.
Until we think of further use for this blog, I'm going to use it to collect together thoughts on new and upcoming games including trailers, screenshots and the like. I will encourage James to do the same.

First up... the new Batman game, Arkham Origins!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Final Countdown!

This is it. We're in the last hour. We are going to end with a Rock Band performance but we are pretty knackered so there'll be no leaping about.

If you've supported us in any way, whether it be by donating, watching the videos, reading the blog or coming over to play with us... We sincerely thank you. If you still haven't donated, of course it is not too late. Click the 'Sponsor Us' link up top and let's try and get closer to the goal amount.

There'll be a few more posts after this one with stats and acknowledgements. So keep visiting. James and I haven't decided what to do with this site after the event ends so watch this space.

Anyway, head over to the live stream to watch us titting about with plastic instruments before we finally crash and sleep the sleep of the just.




So I played Episode 1 of The Walking Dead, and it was very good. I have to give props to my buddy Luke for lending it to me, and also for making this hideous, awesome picture:

More zombies now as James and I play House of the Dead: Overkill. Watch us on the LiveStream!


After several valiant attempts to get it working, the Saturn is refusing to play ball. Or more accurately refusing to play NiGHTS.

We've got the LiveStream back on though and I'm about to treat you to an over the shoulder view of me playing multiple 'best game of 2012' award winner - The Walking Dead!

Hope those of you who were watching enjoyed the very authentic experience of watching a PS3 do a software update.


Paul made an omelette whilst using a PSP. I played Mario on the 3DS. Seems fair!

World of Illusion

Finished! That took  a whole hour if that. That even includes attacking each other.

The Room

After completing Limbo in a timely 2 hours and 25 minutes I moved onto the room. Didn't do that as quickly. Head hurts...

Good Morning.

Yup, we are still going.

James has been struggling his way through iOS gem 'The Room', while I have been tearing a city apart in the Incredible Hulk; Ultimate Destruction (which just so happens to be my favourite game of all time).

Now we are about to kick it seriously old school with World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The oldest game on our list and one I remember fondly from 20-odd years ago.

See you in a bit. Thanks to all our sponsors so far!

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Half Way There!

So, James won the Limbo contest. No, not that kind. That's the bad news. The GOOD news however is that we are now officially half way through our 25 hour gameathlon!


If you haven't already, please please click the 'Sponsor Us' button up the top there, and chuck us a few quid.


Limbo speed run

We started a head to head limbo speed run at 03:30. See a picture of a child pushing a giant testicle.

Gettin' Late.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

Hey guys. Apologies for the gap in the LiveStream but we were having so much fun playing NintendoLand that we didn't notice it had stopped!

Now we're on to MUA2!


I just finished Journey! Hooray!

Never played it before and loved it. Very beautiful and atmospheric, and I got to hang around three strangers that I could only interact with via chirps, then one of them died.

I feel like Journey should be part of an art exhibit, instead it's on PSN and the studio lost a lot of money making it. Which makes me very sad.

Currently Paul is playing the Batman Arkam City DLC : Harlequin's Revenge. He keeps dying. 


We're going our seperate ways for the next one. Paul is going to play some Batman DLC, and I shall play Journey!

First Game Completed!

Yup, we just beat Double Dragon Neon. Sweet!

Teething Problems.

Having never LiveStreamed anything before, it is starting to look like I should have been a bit more organised in my preparation. Any of you trying to view what we are up to, please be patient. It's being looked at by top men. Top. Men.

Double Dragon Neon

Sorry for the delay. Paul was busy with his hair. As has been mentioned we're starting with co op brawler Double Dragon Neon whilst we're still friends. View on the livestream, or don't!


After some brief issues with the LiveStream, we are good to go! About to kick things off with some Double Dragon Neon. A game we picked as an homage to Double Dragon 2, a game coincidentally released 25 years ago. Well how about that. If you want to watch us doing this ridiculous thing, you can view the stream here:

Live Stream!


The Kit.

Here's just SOME of the equipment we will be using!

The Games!

Cut to the chase, guys. What exactly are you planning to play during these 25 hours? I'll go into more detail in a while but for now, here's an overview. How many do you recognise?


Friday, 15 March 2013

I am also here...

Paul has pretty much summarised everything eloquently below. He's been impressively diligent about this and organised everything. That's why he gets to pick an insane time like 5pm, because when you choose to stay awake for 25 hours you should definitely begin after already being awake for eight hours or more.

The Big Questions.


Just to get it out of the way, this here is the post that explains all about what we're doing. I'll tackle the questions in the standard order.

I created a page just for that! C'mon now, get your head in the game: Bio.

Now we're getting somewhere. What we're planning to accomplish is a 25 hour gaming marathon. This will encompass different games and consoles that have been released in the last 25 years. Huh, the number 25 has cropped up a fair bit hasn't it? I wonder if that'll be explained in a future question!

A period of 25 hours starting at 5pm on Saturday the 16th of March. Holy cats, that's tomorrow!

At my humble home in the city of Portsmouth, on the south coast of England, in the Northern Hemisphere of the planet Earth, in the uncharted backwaters of the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the Galaxy. Don't believe me? Check out the LiveStream!

Ah, now that's the real question. The short answer being...

Yeah, this isn't just an exercise in geekery, we're doing it for a good cause. Comic Relief to be exact. 2013 is the 25th anniversary of their first big Red Nose Day fundraising event. As a result, many people elected to do 25-hour challenges, including comedian Mark Watson whose epic 25 hour stand-up comedy show was the inspiration for this gamefest.

Anyway, that's that out of the way. Check back soon for more info, including a list of the games we plan to play!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013