Sunday, 17 March 2013

The Final Countdown!

This is it. We're in the last hour. We are going to end with a Rock Band performance but we are pretty knackered so there'll be no leaping about.

If you've supported us in any way, whether it be by donating, watching the videos, reading the blog or coming over to play with us... We sincerely thank you. If you still haven't donated, of course it is not too late. Click the 'Sponsor Us' link up top and let's try and get closer to the goal amount.

There'll be a few more posts after this one with stats and acknowledgements. So keep visiting. James and I haven't decided what to do with this site after the event ends so watch this space.

Anyway, head over to the live stream to watch us titting about with plastic instruments before we finally crash and sleep the sleep of the just.



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